“Pyar Hua”

We’re in  love

We know it’s passion….

Why  are  our  hearts

Filled  with apprehension?

My  heart  warns  me

The  path  ahead  isn’t  easy

Little  done  know  where  we  go

Our  destination is hazy,,,,,,,,

Assure  me no change

Will enter our love’s  rhyme

Assure  me  you’ll

Not  change  with  passing  time

One day…………

If  you’re  no longer  mine.

The  moon  will  no longer shine

Each night  will  be

Filled  with our story

The youth of tomorrow

Will sing our melody

Neither  you  nor i will remain ……..

But  the tokens

Of  our  love  will reign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!